Airdrop Emission & Whitelisting

Total Submitted Forms:
11,398 Forms/13,000 @11-03-2021 UTC 04:56:23 am

Airdrop Supply = 624,000 QND
Afiliates Supply : 200,000 QND

Only 13,000 Forms!

Airdrop is after Private sales emission. Affiliates are paid after Governance period of 120 days.
Eligibility: First 13,000 Applicants will earn 48 QND + 2.0/REF Distribution: From March 31st - April 30th, 2021

How Airdrop is minted

The DeFi Contract shall only mint a maximum supply of 7,695,000 QND protocol tokens.

Supported Wallet & Extensions

SafePal Wallet

The SafePal Wallet is a Binance lab, cross chain wallet with Dex advantage for blockchain interactions. (SUPPORTED)

Julswap Wallet

The Julswap Wallet is a Binanca Smart Chain and extension wallet for blockchain interactions. (SUPPORTED)

Trust Wallet

The Trust Wallet is a cross chain and extension Wallet for blockchain interactions. (SUPPORTED)