The First Global InterCHAIN DeFi

The Qnode.Defi is a governance driven defi token with its underlying x11 algorithmic protocol via a smart contract on ethereum.


Defi Specification

Asset: Qnode.Defi
Ticker: QND
Type: ERC20
Consensus: PoW.Sc (Proof of Work Smart Contract)
Final Supply: 30,780 QND
Life time: 65yrs {Subject to Blockchain}
Ratio: 0.00125 QND/QNC (Bridge Ratio)
QND/QNC: 1:800

Native Chain

Asset: QnodeCoin
Ticker: QNC
Algorithim: X11 (v2.0)
Consensus: PoW + PoSe (MN)
Final Supply: 24,624,000 QNC
MN Collateral: 20,000 QNC
Block Reward: 50 QNC/Block
Block Halving: At 210,240 Blocks